Operating system for identity, account, affordability & Money movement via Open Banking.

Orchestrates & Personalise your customer journey in real-time.

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Trusted Clients and Partners

Manage all money movement & compliance.

Fully agnostic Finance management infrastructure that connect every side of your business.

Identity & Onboarding

One verification platform to orchestrate the identity verification, risk levels, internal policies and compliance requirements.


Via Open Banking gain real-time account, Balance and transactional data to track spending patterns across all Bank accounts.


Accept Instant Bank payments by delivering a great customer journey and no chargebacks.


Initiate payouts to any verified account by enabling vendors payment or instant refunds mitigating failed payouts.

Rebooting Open Banking ®

Regulated by Swedish FI
Banks connected
European countries
5 years
Open Banking experience

Industry we serving.

Our customers are companies that build successful end-user solutions and accelerate the change towards innovative sustainable finances.
Startup & Founders

Comprehensive view of cash flow across all accounts empowers you to anticipate cash shortages, generate precise reporting and make informed decisions.

Frictionless money movements

Streamline the checkout process for merchants, reduce failed payments and minimize payment processing expenses.

Say goodbye to manual processing and instantly send payments to several recipients directly to their bank account using local payment methods.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Effortlessly extract data straight from the bank, simplify reconciliation and improve risk management with immediate cash flow transparency.

No more manual uploads of documents and bank statements, automatically retrieve data from various accounts instead.

Open Insurance

Enables insurers to access financial data through APIs, which allows them to have a more complete and up-to-date picture of a customer's financial situation.

Our API help insurance companies offer more personalized and tailored insurance plans, based on a customer's actual financial needs and situation.

Pre-approval can also help streamline the application process, reducing drop-off rates and improving the customer experience.

Customers can receive quick and accurate insurance quotes, which can be a significant factor in their decision-making process.

Partnership with Microsoft for Startups

We are proud to announce our partnership with Microsoft for Startups as part of their Founders Hub program. This partnership allows us to further our mission and bring innovative solutions to the market with the support of one of the world's leading technology companies.
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Build something great with strong values.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to — Redefining the next generation of Financial management via Open Banking.
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User experience :
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Trust & Compliance :


Entrepreneurs face a wide variety of financial administration problems when running a service business.

57% late payment
57% of payments were collected late by SMBs in 2020.
17hr Wasted
Founders of companies with 1-4 employees spend an average of 17 hours on financial administration.
Bookkeeping challenging
32% of micro business owners considered accounting to be the most challenging aspect of managing their business.
74% unsupported by Banks
74% of entrepreneurs reported feeling unsupported by their bank with regards to financial management.
102 Apps used
On average, businesses with 1 to 100 employees use 102 different applications.
14,2B Non-compliance
for non-compliance, with the United States accounting for 78% of issued fines.

Coverage & Ecosystem

Operating system for Finance management.

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