Simplified Banking & Payment, via Open Banking.

Pelvo a data driven one-stop platform providing to any SMBs a fully aggregate financial & Open Data solutions to increase revenue.


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Pelvo headquater is in Stockholm, Sweden, where our second Office is located in Karlskoga.

Our Pelvo story is born in a small town called Karlskoga, a town where the inventor, entrepreneur, donator and founder of the Nobel prize, Alfred Noble lived during the summer periods of his last years in life. After facing challenges running financial & non financial task in our previous startups, being a team expert within Open banking solutions since 2019, we decided to build a one-stop platform that can give all segments of the small digital service businesses access to an advance ecosystem of third-party financial tools to enable & support their growth.

Leverage open banking & Data management.

6000 Banks connected via our partners.
We are a User Consent driven Bank data.
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Bank-grade encryption using 256-bit AES encryption.
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