Open Banking & Open Finance to build greater Sustainable Finance


Strategy for
Sustainbale Finance.

Sustainable Finances Management platform that predicts financial inclusion.

Accessibility and affordability.

"At Pelvo, we are dedicated to creating a more diverse selection of financial solutions that meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to assist these companies in modernizing their technology infrastructure and enhancing both their risk management practices and customer satisfaction. With our custom-made products, we are making it possible for SMEs/SMBs to digitize and streamline their operations."

Improving Credit Access.

"At Pelvo, our goal is to enhance credit access for individuals and the unbanked population. We aim to accomplish this through innovative means such as utilizing transaction data and payment information to create accurate financial profiles. These profiles can then be used to increase eligibility for various financial products and services, improving financial freedom and stability for those who need it most."

Promoting Cashless Economy.

"At Pelvo, we are dedicated to advancing a cashless society. Through the use of Open Banking, we empower individuals and businesses to seamlessly process account-to-account payments, providing more flexibility, lower fees, and convenience. By doing so, we are helping everyone have greater access to essential goods and services, while also promoting a more sustainable future by reducing the use of plastic cards."

Compliance as-a-service.

"At Pelvo, we prioritize both innovation and compliance. To drive digitization and reduce client acquisition costs, we offer embedded finance solutions that allow small and medium-sized businesses to become fintech companies while adhering to important regulations on consumer protection, anti-money laundering, data privacy, and more. This way, businesses can quickly and securely offer cutting-edge goods and services, providing customers with the latest technology and peace of mind."

Greater transparency of Remittances.

"At Pelvo, we believe in greater transparency in remittances. To this end, we are developing financial education initiatives to increase financial literacy and protect both senders and recipients of remittances. Our goal is to make it possible for people to send money home quickly, securely, and affordably, with easy access and no administrative hurdles. Our customer-focused approach includes convenient locations, flexible schedules, and exceptional customer service, ensuring that sending money is a seamless and stress-free experience."

Coverage & Ecosystem

Operating system for Finance management.