Our capabilities

Manage all money movement & compliance.

Fully agnostic Finance management infrastructure that connect every side of your business.

Identity & Onboarding

One verification platform to orchestrate the identity verification, risk levels, internal policies, and compliance requirements.


Via Open Banking gain real-time account, Balance and transactional data to track spending patterns across all Bank accounts.


Accept Instant Bank payments by delivering a great customer journey and no chargebacks.


Initiate payouts to any verified account by enabling vendors payment or instant refunds mitigating failed payouts.


Dedicated to creating a more diverse selection of financial solutions.

Our aim is to assist these companies in modernizing their technology infrastructure and enhancing both their risk management practices and customer satisfaction. With our custom-made products, we are making it possible for SMEs/SMBs to digitize and streamline their operations.

Identity & Onboarding

Orchestrate onboarding flows easy and secure to verify users against all major global sanctions and PEP screens for comprehensive AML/KYC compliance.


Ttrack your spending patterns in real-time via Open Banking. With access to up-to-date account balances and transactional data, you'll have a clear view of your financial situation.


Provide a frictionless experience for your customers with our innovative account-2-account payments. This versatility allows for a wide range of payment use cases and provides greater flexibility for your customers.


Offer a real-time payouts and refunds, without middlemen or hidden fees add to the convenience of the product and increase customer satisfaction.

Build something great with strong values.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to — Redefining the next generation of Financial management via Open Banking.
Streamlines financial operations :
User experience :
Improves cost management :
Trust & Compliance :
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